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BTD5 Game Review

BTD5 is the new version of the popular Bloons tower defense series. Game Play is pretty much the same as in previous versions. You have to pop balloons of different colors using different kind of towers and other weapons. If you have enjoyed the  previous versions of this series then you will surely love this one. The 5th game of this series is best in terms of quality, graphic details, tower and balloon types.

Balloons Types:

The game has all Bloon types that were present in the previous versions like Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Black, white, Camo and Zebra, Lead, Rainbow and Ceramic balloons. Their strength increases from Red to Ceramic and some of them will transform into other colors before you destroy them completely. The M.O.A.B (Massive Ornary Air Blimp) and B.F.B (Brutal Floating Behemoth) balloons were introduced in the 3rd and 4th versions. The MOAB balloons take 200 hits to pop and then it reveals 4 ceramic balloons inside. The BFB contains 4 MOABs inside. The new Bloon type that was introduced in Bloons tower defense 5 is Z.O.M.G (Zeppelin Of Might Gargantuaness). It is the slowest and most powerful balloon in the game and appears on 85th level. It contains 4 BFB's inside and is immune to many abilities like Glue Striker, Monkey Pirates, Ground Zero etc. BTD5 also presents heart balloons which heals themselves over time so you must be quick to get rid of them.

Tower Types:

The game contains about 17 different towers types each having its own special ability. We are only going to  discuss new towers that were introduced in the 5th version of the game like Sniper Monkey, Ninja Monkey and Monkey Village. Sinper Monkey has the ability to pop multiple layers of balloons and has unlimited range. It fires powerful bullets and can be upgraded to destroy 18 layers with a single shot. Ninja monkey is similar to Dart Monkey of the previous series and can pop lead bloons. Monkey village replaces the Beacons of the nearby towers and reduce their upgrade price by 10%. Its just a support tower and cannot be used to attack. There are some special abilities as well which will enable the towers to stop Bloons like Turbo charge, Summon Phoenix, Orbital Snake etc. These abilities will only last about 5-10 seconds though.


The game offers a total of 28 tracks which include 20 brand new tracks like The Rink, Snake River, The Eye, Jungle etc. The game offers some advance and Expert tracks as well. There is not much to talk about tracks as each has its own different environment. You have to place towers in the proper positions in each track to clear the level.

New Additions:

The game not only has regular tracks but offers 9 special missions as well. There will be different criteria to complete each mission like in some you have to earn a specific amount of cash, beat about 50 rounds or pass the mission without losing any life.

Bloons td5 also introduces special agents and specialty buildings. Specialty buildings decrease the cost of upgrades but first you must buy land to place these buildings. There are different building types like Dart Training, Tack Research Center, Boomerang Dojo, Ninja Academy, Monkey liar etc. Each will reduce the upgrade price by 10% of its respective tower type. You can also hire special agents using Monkey Money to activate special powers.

Overall BTD5 is one of the best game of its genre offering tons of weapons, tracks, towers and upgrade. Go ahead and give it a try I assure you it will keep you busy for hours.

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