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Crush The Castle Adventures Game Reviews

Crush the castle adventures is the new version of the popular crush the castle game series. This time our king wants to prove to lady catapult that he is still strong and powerful by crushing castles along his way.  Help the king in the fortification process using mighty Trebuchet and win her favor. Lady Catapult is a hard woman to please (King will be repeating this over and over again in the game as well), let's see how far you can go…

Game Play:

Click anywhere on the screen to activate Trebuchet, it will start swinging to and fro. Clicking again will release the stone, fireball, bomb or whatever weapon is in use. It will not be as easy as it seems, you have to click on proper time to hit the castle. In some cases pixel perfectness will be required to demolish the castles in one shot.  If you click too early it may go over the castle and if you click a bit later it will fall short of the target.  Starting levels of the games will be easy as there will be small structures to crush. But as the game progresses it becomes more challenging as you will have to achieve certain objectives to earn medals. Like in some levels you have to use only one shot to crush the castles, or you may be asked to save a horse while destroying the castle or roast a chicken to earn the medals. If you are not able to destroy the castle using one shot you will not be able to earn medal, however you can still pass the level by using more shots. You have to use the proper weapons for each level as castles will be built of different material types.

 As the game progresses new weapons will be unlocked like fireball, beehives, bombs, iron sphere, grape shot, inflator, chain-shot, static cluster and many more. Fireballs will set fire to the wooden buildings but they will have no effect on steel structure. Beehives will kill the character they will fall on. The bomb will destroy the specific area around them.  Iron sphere is similar to stone with more power. Grapeshot will throw five stone at once and will cause greater destruction. The inflator sticks to objects then inflate. Chain shot knocks down all objects. Static cluster electrocute steel objects but it is ineffective against wood and stone structure. There is a workshop as well in which new weapons will be prepared as you complete different levels to collect different parts to complete it.

The game is similar to the previous games of this series with some new siege weapons. Graphics have changed a bit as well and are more cartoonish now. Numbers of levels have been increased. Overall it’s a good game to spend some hours. So go ahead and please the lady catapult and win her favor. 

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