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Strike Force Heroes 2 Review

Game Review :

Strike Force Heroes 2 is the sequel to the most popular flash shooting game.  The game is much better than its predecessor in terms of graphics and level details. It also offers more weapons, different soldier classes and a series of new weapon upgrades.  

The game offers five different soldier classes named Engineer, Mercenary, General, Juggernaut and Sniper. Each soldier class has its own set of weapons and abilities. The engineer is good for his mid-range weapons and unique gadgets while mercenary is known for his heavy machine guns and can overpower his enemies even when outnumbered using his powerful explosives. General can target enemy's weak points and performs best in close-range combats. His leadership qualities can increase team's overall capability. Juggernaut with his heavy armor, close range weaponry and small explosives can defeat any enemy in the battlefield.

Not only the soldier’s classes have different abilities but you have complete control over them and can customize them to your liking. In the main menu, from soldier tab you can customize any soldier class by choosing a helmet, body, uniform and assigning different passive skills and kill streaks. Completing a match will unlock new items in the shop which will then be available for soldiers. You can also buy new items using the money earned throughout the game. Try slot machine as well to lose your money or to get a very powerful weapon.   

Game has three different modes named campaign, challenges and custom game. The campaign is a story mode and you will have to complete a series of missions. The challenge mode offers more than 15 missions and you have to complete every mission to unlock the new one. In this mode you will be given different objectives to complete in each mission like killing a certain number of enemies or capturing their flag. You may have to work as a team sometime to defeat your opponents. You will also have the ability to Respawn in death matches.

In the custom game mode you can select the type of game like death match, capture the flag, domination, one man army or gun game. You can set the number of kills required or number of flags captured to win. Skills, armor, soldier class and kill streaks can also be modified.

Overall the game is really addicting offering different medals, tons of weapons and a whole set of new levels. So go ahead, pick your soldier and play one of the best shooter games available on the web.

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